Why use Spanish Language Adventures?

Our job is to make things easier for you, to find a good fit. We have either studied with the schools and programs we recommend, or spent  time observing their staff, talking with their students, and meeting some of their home-stay families. Because we are experienced language teachers and learners, we have high educational standards and empathy for students.

We know the communities surrounding the schools.  Some other websites advertise for all schools that pay a fee. Others market only one school. There are many good language schools in Costa Rica. We choose to partner with select ones. We collect the deposit which holds your place in the program, making international payments unnecessary.

We also provide an extra layer of accountability in the unlikely event you would be dissatisfied with some aspect of your experience. When you return from your trip, we will welcome your comments and suggestions to be passed on to the programs and families.

As of this writing, neither visas nor special immunizations are required for entry to Costa Rica. They welcome visitors.