Who Can Go?

Because we are not a one-size-fits- all kind of business, we can accommodate people of different ages and interests.

A family who wishes to study and travel together can be lodged, as can couples and small groups.

We have also known singles who were very happy in these programs. Coming unaccompanied actually made it easier to meet people and practice their improving Spanish.

Mature high school and college students, living with Costa Rican families for a short time, make amazing language learning progress and personal growth.

and retired people may find a learning adventure in Costa Rica to be challenging and fulfilling. Not everyone wants to experience a new country only through the lens of the tourist camera! Some prefer a more genuine, less commercial atmosphere.

Teachers who want a less commercial emphasis can arrange the learning adventure that is right for their students.

A commercial enterprise might provide a Spanish learning adventure for some valued employees who would be even more valuable with more Spanish language skills.