What is Language Immersion?

Immersion is what makes a person able to pass quickly from studying  a language to using it effectively.

The best method of learning a foreign language is to live in the culture.Your entire day is then an active learning experience. Combine that with a skilled teacher who can save time by focusing on the most useful vocabulary and structures, and progress is amazing. It has been said that three weeks of immersion language study is equal to a whole college semester. We believe it is actually better than that! There are college students who can't communicate in the desired language after they finish a class, but we haven't yet met an active immersion student in that situation!

Often learning a foreign language in the classroom focuses on rules instead of giving the students an opportunity to hear and attempt the language as it is used in real life.  The immersion experience is hugely fulfilling- you face a challenge and come out stronger and smarter, and it is a lot of fun!