Our Featured Schools

The EXTRAS! All of these schools offer much more than excellent language classes. In any week, they may provide cooking classes, dancing classes, cultural discussions, ceramic lessons, school visits, volunteer opportunities and local field trips. These extras are tailored to the interests of the students. If your weekends aren’t yet planned, the staff and the homestay families are also happy to offer opinions and connections for your everyday errands and your weekend trips to the natural wonders of Costa Rica.

Small City/town- In the lovely town of Santa Ana, a short bus ride from the capital San Jose and every modern amenity, there is a school with years of experience teaching employees of corporations such as Intel, Peace Corps volunteers, and embassy staff. Their pleasant campus is surrounded by flowers and greenery, yet is within a short walk of the downtown area with its historic church, soccer field, small shops and ceramic artisans. See Rates

Rural School - A few miles from the International Airport is a tiny town that hasn’t lost its rural roots. You awaken to roosters and occasionally see horses or cows walking down the streets. This family-owned school is charmingly rustic and features a swimming pool, and butterfly garden to enjoy between or after classes. Families are especially welcomed in this school and in the community old-fashioned country hospitality is the norm. See Rates

College town- This urban school is owned by a Costa-Rican/American couple who enjoy sharing their cross-cultural understanding and love of Costa Rica. Within a short walk are a variety of restaurants, historic buildings, and a mini-America of McDonalds and Taco Bell. The town is home to a commuter college so the streets are often crowded with students.You may get a lesson on fruits unique to Costa Rica, or share refreshments on the square with the owners after hours. See Rates

NEW SCHOOL!- A few hours south of San Jose is the town of San Isidro del General. We can now recommend this pleasant location for those who want to be away from the center of the country in a town small enough to recognize you, but big enough to provide decent restaurants. The owners had years of experience before building their dream school. They emphasize their volunteer opportunities in the local community.

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School Directors: we will be in Costa Rica visiting more schools this summer. Please email if you’d like to show us what your school has to offer.