About Us

Spanish Learning Adventures was conceived after our own American family ( then ages 8-45) studied Spanish in Costa Rica. We have continued to go back, traveling, making friends and connections, and improving our Spanish. With the advice of some Costa Rican teachers, we decided to help others find the best places to begin their own adventures.

We have traveled singly, in pairs, and with friends and neighbors. (We avoid large busloads of tourists.) We’ve seen monkeys, sloths, coatamundis, toucans, iguanas, morpho butterflies, waterfalls, cloud forests, black sand beaches and shiny-eyed school children.

We love learning, language, and the friends we make while expanding this business. If we can help you find your niche to study, volunteer, or better experience the culture though a homestay, please contact us. We act as brokers between you and the Costa-Rican owned schools we represent.


I know the methods used by the schools we work with are effective. I learned Spanish in College, then didn't use it for 20 years. After one immersion experience,I was fluent enough to become a certified Spanish One teacher in a Middle School. No classroom program can get the quick results of a guided immersion experience.
L. Hazen, SLA, Gainesville, Florida